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1. The pp-r tube is liable to aging and degradation under direct exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet radiation for a long time. Open fitting pipes and fittings must be treated with aluminum foil or uv-proof material for shading and heat preservation;
2, such as a few days away from home, it is recommended to close the pipeline valve, winter must empty the pipeline residual water;
3, pay attention to the protection of the pipeline system, so as to avoid subsequent decoration construction due to improper damage to the pipeline system;
4. Pp-r pipeline is strictly prohibited from direct contact with organic materials, such as asphalt, waterproof coating, paint, grease, etc.
5, pressure test all plugs only for pressure test, long-term use should be replaced with a metal plug, to ensure safety;
6. Regularly test the thermal combustion equipment (such as water heater) after 2-3 years to avoid the damage of pipeline and water use equipment caused by high temperature and high pressure in the instant of equipment failure;
7. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, you must ask for service certificate from the pressure test personnel.

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