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Create social harmony
Voluntary felon-fighting is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. Carrying forward the spirit of voluntary felon-fighting is an important part of the construction of socialist civilization. In order to support and encourage this kind of good Samaritan behavior, tianli company donated 300,000 yuan to the good Samaritan fund, in order to better protect the national, collective interests and people's life and property safety, to promote the healthy development of the cause of good Samaritan in our district to do their own part.
In order to implement the policy of "safe production, prevention first", achieve the company's safety production, promote and improve the system of company in all kinds of production safety, strengthen and improve the management and employees' safety consciousness, to reduce and eliminate all kinds of accidents happen, companies use a variety of form and content for the employee to carry out safety education, make the company's overall security level had improved significantly. The company's senior leadership attaches great importance to the safety work, and gives full support, providing various favorable conditions for the development of the safety work, and many times won the title of "safe unit". Tianli company adhere to the implementation of superior policies, "to protect one party safe, create a harmonious home", to jointly create a harmonious society.
Humanistic care
Company leaders go into the families of employees in difficulty during the holiday, and send them care and holiday greetings. In the family of the difficult employee, the company leader learned about the family situation of the employee in detail, and personally sent the consolation money to the employee. Let employees deeply feel the warmth of tianli this big family.
If one party is in trouble, the other party should provide support
Tianli has always been adhering to the concept of "health, security, integrity and harmony". As a leading representative of household plumbing system, tianli not only establishes a good relationship with customers, but also maintains the natural ecological balance, and contributes its own modest efforts to build a beautiful earth, but also bears social responsibilities.
Tianli in such a business philosophy, is trying to household plumbing system integrator struggle. For the company, in addition to providing high-quality products and excellent services, it is the company's basic social responsibility to abide by the national laws and regulations, pay taxes according to law and protect the interests of employees. At the same time, tianli also tries its best to do their modest efforts to actively invest in their social welfare undertakings, transfer moved, transfer love...
Humanitarian aid
In addition to relying on their own efforts, the development of tianli cannot be separated from the support of the society. Therefore, tianli always pays attention to the dynamics of the society. Tianli firmly believes that "one party has difficulties, and all directions support". When the society needs rescue, tianli is always duty-bound to come forward and put into rescue work. "After the May 12 earthquake in wenchuan, sichuan, the company leadership in the first time decided to organize and mobilize all employees to donate money, offer love, earthquake compatriots to bring tianli people a greeting. This donation raised a total of 30012 yuan, although the amount is not large, but heavy...
Tianli has always been a big collective full of love and warmth, when we learned that the company staff got cancer, affecting the hearts of every tianli people, in order to solve the practical difficulties, to solve the pressing need, specially for her to plan a fund-raising. When she received all the dedication of a love, took over the leadership handed her donations, touched feelings overflow in words, she said, is the power of heaven gave her a second life.

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